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Friday, November 17, 2006

Mission Potpourri

I am getting the opportunity to preach this Sunday, so you are getting just a little weekend potpourri to chew on. First up is Shadow Sports’ weekly Top Ten. This week it is only the Top Five, and really nothing much matters beyond the top two, Michigan and Ohio State. This is it. The biggest game of the year to determine one of the participants in the national title game in January. If you miss this game, you are not a real sports fan. The game starts at 12:30 PST. I am going with Michigan in an upset. Oh yeah, I think Cal will beat USC in the Rose Bowl showdown.
  1. Ohio St. (11-0) – Beat Northwestern 54-10. The Buckeyes looked impressive in their final tune-up before the big showdown this week. They will have to be at least that good to survive this week. They won’t be. Hopefully Ohio St. enjoys the Rose Bowl after an upset loss this week. This week: Michigan (11-0).
  2. Michigan (11-0) – Beat Indiana 34-3. Before the season started, I picked Michigan to be in the title game while continuing to rank them below Ohio St. That is because Ohio St. had earned that ranking. Michigan gets their chance to earn the number one spot this week. The defensive line will allow them to do that and the offense will score enough to get the job done on the road. This week: at Ohio St. (11-0).
  3. USC (8-1) – Beat Oregon 35-10. A big jump this week, but they showed themselves worthy. Everybody around them lost and the Trojans blew Oregon out. Funny moment in the game: was anybody aware a coach could challenge a replay review and get it reviewed again to overturn it as Oregon coach Mike Belotti did to the Trojans in the 4th quarter. This week: Cal (8-2).
  4. Arkansas (9-1) – Beat Tennessee 31-14. Arkansas proved worthy of their ranking last week, but they stay ranked in the same spot because USC proved they are a high level team again and while I might pick Arkansas if there was a rematch, USC already won that game. This week: at Mississippi St. (2-8).
  5. Rutgers (9-0) – Beat Louisville 28-25. The Scarlet Knights made a great comeback against Louisville. If they beat West Virginia, they might find themselves ranked number 2. This week: at Cincinnati (5-5).
I was talking to someone the other day and asked why I am always talking about sports. So here is a little non sports stuff. Are you all aware hunger has been eliminated? That’s right. There is no more hunger in the United States of America. I am not sure if that is true elsewhere, but here we now call it “low food security.” Can you believe it? If I forget to eat breakfast and my stomach starts to growl in the middle of the day, I guess it is just “low food security” pangs. Maybe we should change the saying to “Give us your poor, your people with low food security…” Who thinks up this stuff? In this case, the Department of Agriculture. Your government in action.

Someone else asked me when I was going to have some more political thoughts on my blog. Are you never satisfied? Well this week has been great. Both parties have acted as if they live in vacuums. Didn’t Speaker-Elect Pelosi know her candidate for Majority Leader, Jack Murtha, was a losing choice? How does that happen? Just like a lawyer never asks a question to which he doesn’t already know the answer, as a Speaker you do not risk public rejection by your own party! As if that is not enough, she seems dead set on naming Alcee Hastings to chair the House Intelligence Committee. Hastings was a Federal Judge impeached by the Senate for bribery and removed from office in the 1980’s. Is this who we want handling our nations intelligence reports? Remember she promised the most ethical congress ever.

Lest the Republicans think they are pure as the driven snow, wassup with Trent Lott? For those of you who do not know who he is, Lott is a Senator from Mississippi who was majority Leader of the Senate a few years back. That was until he remarked that the country would have been better off if we had elected Strom Thurmond president in the 1950’s. Thurmond at the time was running as a Dixiecrat, and one of central planks of the party was continued segregation. Anyways, Trent Lott is now slated to be the Minority Whip in the Senate. Which he apparently has been all along. (Thanks to Rosa Brooks of the LA Times for that one)

So there you have it. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that for your weekend. I’ll be in Mexico early next week. Pray for me and I’ll have more when I return. Oh yeah, I just thought you might get a laugh out of this picture.

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Blogger highlandhistory said ... (2:33 PM) : 

Politics: the only portion of human existence where the pot and kettle are constantly blackguarding each other and no one seems to notice. Kudos to Dave for being on the ball!


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