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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Empire Strikes Back!

Last night The Clinton Death Star dealt a potentially fatal blow to the campaign of Barack "Luke Skywalker" Obama. As Obama and his troops reveled in the pre-vote polls predicting a double digit win in New Hampshire, Evil Lord Hillary was out crying and evoking sympathy after her crushing defeat in Iowa.

Unlike in Iowa, Clinton carried the female vote in NH and may in fact have been helped immensely by Sen. John McCain drawing thousands of undecided and independent voters to his cause on election day.

Hillary has always fared better with the rank and file of the Democratic Party, who strongly supported her side Tuesday night. This simple fact should position her well heading into "Tsunami Tuesday" in early February as those voters can be expected to support her call for changing things back to the way they were in 1992.

On the GOP side it will interesting to see if McCain can defeat Romney in the latter's home state of Michigan. Romney's father was governor there in the 60's so his name recognition is pretty high in that neck of the woods.

The next two weeks bring us the Nevada Caucuses, the Michigan Primary for the GOP, and the South Carolina Primary, probably the end of the Dead, um Fred Thompson express. Enjoy!

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Comments on "The Empire Strikes Back!"


Blogger Mike's America said ... (4:55 PM) : 

Interesting that this guy who held up a sign and shouted "Iron my shirt" which got the females in New Hampshire all riled up, disappeared after doing so.

No press interviews, no identification at all that I have found.

Funny also, how he appeared to be sitting in the front row seats at that event. Such seats are usually reserved by the campaign for special guests!

Seems some of your Dem friends can be played like a violin Dave!

Probably the same bunch who believed Bill Clinton when he said "I did not have sex with that woman."


Anonymous Gordon said ... (5:33 PM) : 

Obama came from way behind in a couple of weeks and barely lost(split the delegate vote equally.)Hilary should have clobbered Obama in New Hampshire. Obama hardly campaigned in NH, and Hilary has the Clinton New Hampshire machine. She should have thumped him but couldn't. I expect Obama will have things all but rapped up after Super Tuesday. Talk otherwise in the media seems to be shilling for ratings mostly.

The Thompson campaign is dredging up an old Sixties soul classic as a new theme song, "Freddy's Dead."

Have fun in Oaxaca.


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