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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Mission Top 10, Week VI

Not much to say about last week. No huge upsets, just a lot of good college football. Perhaps the biggest surprise this week is Michigan moving up to the second spot after lackluster performances by Auburn and USC, both of whom needed last minute defensive stops to win.
  1. Ohio St. (5-0) – Beat Iowa 38-17. The Buckeyes are the number one team until they are defeated. Even if the games are close, Ohio St. will remain number one until defeat unless the wheels fall completely off the bus for both Texas and Iowa. This week: Bowling Green (3-2).
  2. Michigan (5-0) – Beat Minnesota 28-14. We have a new number two this week. Michigan has one of the three most impressive victories of the season to date (the win at Notre Dame), and unlike fellow competitors for the number two spot Auburn and USC, the Wolverines drilled their middle-of-the-conference pack team on the road instead of having to sweat into the last minute. For those who missed it, it was a miracle the score didn’t get out of hand and a completely dominant performance by Michigan. This week: Michigan St. (3-2).
  3. Auburn (5-0) – Beat South Carolina 24-17. The Tigers were tested by a South Carolina team that played its best game of the season and came out with a win. While any win on the road is conference play is good, there are many things to nitpick. This week: Arkansas (3-1).
  4. USC (4-0) – Beat Washington St. 28-22. The goal was simply to get out of Pullman with a victory. Something is missing in this offense right now: a dynamic running game. The passing game looks fine and Booty has played well so far, but the running backs don’t appear to be significant threats to score on any play like Reggie Bush was or even like Justin Fargas and the 2002 Trojan running backs. This week: Washington (4-1).
  5. West Virginia (4-0) – Bye week. A trip to SEC country would normally be imposing and gain some national respect. Unfortunately for the Mountaineers, the trip is to Mississippi St. meaning West Virginia must score at will considering what Auburn and LSU did to the Bulldogs. A shutout won’t hurt either. This week: at Mississippi St. (1-4).
  6. Florida (5-0) – Beat Alabama 28-13. The Gators have survived week 1 of the gauntlet they have to run with only a slight test from Alabama. This week is a big step up in competition, and next week will remain at this level. If the Gators are still undefeated at the end of October, they will be in the top 3, maybe higher depending on Michigan and Ohio St. This week: LSU (4-1).
  7. Louisville (4-0) – Bye week. For those who want to see a demolition, turn to ESPN2 Friday night. For the rest of us, we’ll just yawn and wait for the Cardinals to play a competent team later this season. This week: at Middle Tennessee St. (3-2).
  8. LSU (4-1) – Beat Mississippi St. 48-17. JaMarcus Russell is making tons of big plays and is using his talents well. This week, we get to see if the mental side of his game has improved since the Auburn game. If LSU needs a touchdown late in the game, Russell needs to throw the ball into the end zone at least once, unlike the end of the Auburn game. This week: at Florida (5-0).
  9. Texas (4-1) – Beat Sam Houston St. 56-3. Texas now has to play some real games after having played two glorified scrimmages and an overmatched conference opponent. Oklahoma will provide a much stiffer test. If Colt McCoy is ready to lead the Longhorns, Texas will win. If not, it will look like Ohio St. all over again. This week: Oklahoma (3-1).
  10. Oregon (4-0) – Beat Arizona St. 48-13. Oregon got down to business after the referee fiasco against Oklahoma. The question has to be asked, how would the pollsters treat an undefeated Oregon if, for example, Louisville (or West Virginia) and the Michigan-Ohio St. winner finish undefeated. Would they consider the Oregon-Oklahoma game like an Oregon loss, or would it be a throwback to days gone by and treated as a tie. Also, would the Big East champ with the weak schedule finish in front of Oregon. This week: at Cal (4-1).
On the cusp: Tennessee (4-1), Clemson (4-1), Notre Dame (4-1), Georgia Tech (4-1), Missouri (5-0)

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Blogger Tom said ... (9:38 AM) : 

Let's say Ohio State and Michigan stay unbeaten an are the only teams that are. . Wouldnt that mean their meeting would be the championship game even before the bowl games begin?


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