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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran, The Election, and Revolution

I am not sure what to make of all that is going on in Iran, but I do have a few opinions I have not seen over the last few days on television, in print, or in the blogosphere.

Not getting into whether or not the elections over there have been stolen, manipulated, or somehow rigged, let me ask you this.

Are we sure these guys are not a bunch of aliens from another land sent here to infiltrate earth, take over our governments, and wreak general havoc on a bunch of unwitting civilizations?

How else to explain their governmental structure.

Granted they have a President, but the real power in the country resides in someone with a much more ominous title, The Supreme Leader. You can just hear the sinister music in the background every time his title is mentioned. You know, if Obama really had messianic delusions, as many on the extreme right claim, instead of President, he'd be signing everything Supreme Leader.

The ruling body in Iran has an even better name, The Guardian Council. Not the Senate. Not the Parliment. But The Guardian Council. Did they come up with this name after watching too many Star Trek marathons on the Sci-Fi Channel? If this is not a name straight out of Gene Roddenberry's mind, I don't know what is. I am half expecting to find out "Q" is really behind all of this.

We can almost hear the dialogue going on in Tehran... "Excuse me dear Supreme Leader, will you be joining us as we talk about the infidels today in the Guardian Council meeting?" "Away from me peon, I am dealing with world domination. Let Mini Me Mahmoud deal with the trivial matters, I am the Supreme Leader."

And guess who protects these guys. The Revolutionary Guard. Apparently terms like army, secret service, and gestapo were taken, leaving only The Revolutionary Guard.

Over the last few days one must ask, are they guarding the Supreme Leader's revolution, or are they guarding the Leader and the Guardian Council from a revolution.

And if the job of these guys is to be revolutionary guardians, what then is the job of the Guardian Council? Are they guarding anything?

I find it all so confusing.

Comments on "Iran, The Election, and Revolution"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:44 PM) : 

Leave it to Iran to muck up the way of things.

It rather reminds me of aliens....."Take me to your leader"

Of course you have to say that in a robotic sounding way to make any sense at all.

Anyway I just wanted to hop on over here and say Hi! I see your comments all over the place yet have never got my sorry butt over here to check you out. I promise it won't take me as long for my second visit! :-)

Congrats on being the guest blogger!


Blogger Doug said ... (10:47 AM) : 

It is confusing and yours was a good post.
If you have the time, here is a good article which does its best to explain whos who.



Blogger Always On Watch said ... (8:03 AM) : 

We are possibly seeing a revolution from the bottom up in Iran.

The demonstrations there have now gone beyond merely protesting the election results.


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