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Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's Your Problem?

Sometimes in our zeal to find a solution, we make a fundamental error that deposits us inside an imaginary house of mirrors with no obvious way out.

Take politics for example.

Both the left and the right in country are 100% sure that if the other side would just adopt their solution, then our country could again move forward and exit this economic funk we have been in since 2008.

And so we find ourselves trapped, unable to convince the other side that one side has a better solution for what ails you.

The truth is that no solution being proposed is likely to make much of a difference and has almost no chance of being embraced by the other side.


Because the problem is not the solution.

The problem is the problem.

Until we as a country can agree as to what the problem is, how can we possibly work together to find a solution?

Is the problem the rich, fat cat Wall Street bankers who are literally swimming in money ala Scrooge McDuck?

Is the problem lazy liberals who refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions and spend the day sitting around complaining about others instead of working hard?

Or is the problem somewhere in between, with both sides being partially right, yet also partially wrong?

Could it be true that a small percentage of people growing extremely wealthy while others in the country fall though the cracks might have a negative effect on our union?

Could it also be true that government, in some case does need to get out of the way and let that good old American entrepreneurial spirit take hold?

You see, there are a myriad of potential problems that may or not be addressed by the solutions currently being offered.

But that’s why the problem is the problem.

As any good businessman will tell you, we need to agree on that first, and then we can start to work together on some solutions.

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Comments on "What's Your Problem?"


Blogger BB-Idaho said ... (2:41 PM) : 

IMO, politics has become much more polarized the last few years. I cannot recall any first lady being booed (NASCAR this week) by fellow Americans. I blame Fox News and the Tea Party...and am in no mood to compromise with that bunch...


Blogger Dave Miller said ... (6:38 PM) : 

I agree with you on that BB... I am just saying that before we can expect to find a solution, we need to agree on what problem we are trying solve.

The way Ms Obama has been treated has been horrible and nary a GOP voice has stepped forward and said making fun of a first lady is wrong.

It of course will lead to more of the same when one of theirs wins. I am sure as soon as it happens, the Dems will be called Un-American.

It's their nature.


Blogger Beth said ... (9:35 PM) : 

Hi Dave, I am sorry to have stayed away so long, although I really don't blog much myself these days, way too much going on. But I agree that booing Michele Obama was not nice, but then again free speech should be allowed, and President Bush was treated very badly many times. People in the public eye are going to have critics either way, and it isn't the Tea Party, BB, that causes it, it is just human nature.

Now onto your overall topic. I think people all want the same thing, to live our lives in a good way, and for our children to be happy. It's just we totally don't agree on how to get there.

I really don't see this trend of division in our country coming to an end anytime soon. We are miles apart in how we think problems should be solved. I think we need to first look in the mirror to solve problems, those on the left want a bunch of people in Washington to take care of everything.

Until we can agree on who should solve problems, nothing is going to change, IMHO.

Now, I must add your blog again to my blogroll, as I do miss your mostly level-headedness, Dave.


Blogger dmarks said ... (8:00 AM) : 

BB: It's been partisan for a while. I remember the frequent calls for assassinating Bush, equating him with Hitler or Sauran, or that era's version of "birthers" (the kooks who believed that Bush stole the election). All mostly around 2004.

"The way Ms Obama has been treated has been horrible and nary a GOP voice has stepped forward and said making fun of a first lady is wrong."

And where are those on the Left stepping forward to defend the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate becauee she is a mother or because her son is one of the people whom Obama's White House bashed as a "f***ing retard"? The no-holds-barred bashing of Sarah Palin, which so often included blatant sexism, predates the bashing of Michelle Obama somewhat.


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