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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Game

It was November 1967. That's the earliest I can remember choosing to be contrary with a group of people just to ensure a diversity of views. It's also when I fell in love with USC Trojan Football. I was eight years old. With the exception of one well to do graduate of SC, everyone else who lived in our neighborhood considered themselves "gutty little bruin" fans.

That was the year both teams came into the game undefeated and ranked 1 & 2 in the country. USC was coached by John McKay and UCLA by Tommy Prothro. The big stars were Gary Beban for the Bruins and OJ Simpson for the Trojans. While Beban went on to win the Heisman Trophy that year, Simpson and the Trojans won the game, breaking the hearts of the Bruins, and everyone else in our neighborhood with a 67 yard touchdown run late in the second half. It was beautiful.

Last Saturday I was reminded of that as I watched the annual renewing of what is known in Los Angeles as "The Game." For the uninitiated, if you are a Trojan fan, there are not a lot of things better in life than watching a USC tailback, (take your pick... mike garrett, oj simpson, clarence or anthony davis, charles white, ricky bell, marcus allen, lendale white, reggie bush) run through, over, and around the UCLA Bruins. As I watched Reggie Bush, I was amazed. You had the feeling he could go for a touchdown every time he touched the ball. The guy is an incredible college running back. Time will tell whether he has what it takes to make it in the pros.

But like most other phenoms, Reggie could not do it alone. He needed help. And he had plenty. A Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback, great receivers, a strong defense, and an awesome offensive line. One of the truisms about great football running backs is that they need a great offensive line. That usually means big, fast...and unknown. For USC those are guys like Fred Matua, Ryan Kalil, and Taitusi Lutui (seen here). Guys that clear out the opposing defenses and open big holes to run through. These are the men in the trenches.

I like guys in trenches. They have been the backbone of our country, steelworkers, miners, mechanics, millworkers, shipbuilders. Guys whose hands show the scars of life. They are the behind the scenes, unnoticed, I've got your back, get 'er done folks. Brown bag guys. People you turn to when you have a job that you need to finish and you know they will come through for you.

Who are the guys in trenches for you? Think about it.


Final Note ~ As a big fan of PAC-10 Football over the years, I am amazed that the league has no team playing this year in any major bowl game other than the Rose Bowl. When a team like Oregon can go 10-1 and not get a chance to play in one of those games, something is wrong. The commish of the league needs to get out there and get the league some better exposure. Maybe the Cotton Bowl is ready for a change.

Comments on "The Game"


Blogger kansasscott said ... (2:23 PM) : 

congrats on the new venture with blogging. I've been doing it since June, went to the blogging conference at BIOLA in August with fellow Christian bloggers. I'll add you to my links! Scott

by the way, Big 12 trumps Pac 10, sorry.

here's my blog: http://braveturn.blogspot.com/


Anonymous steve buck said ... (4:18 PM) : 

I identify with your story. Bush is a smooth runner. Not as big and powerful as the rest of the USC standard bearers, but he sure is graceful.

Too often in life we try and go it alone. Reggie can't do it alone--neither can we. How can we transition from doing it all ourselves and asking others to help? That's the mystery of life.

Us men like to be independent, but we also like to help others. I guess the good Lord made us that way for a reason. Heck, even Jesus did not do it alone. He had a team of 11 at first, then new players and teams. Runners, blockers, punters and great playmakers, like Paul.

Well, enjoy the Rose Bowl. It's not Big 10, but it'll still be a good game.


Blogger James Manning said ... (8:39 PM) : 

Ah, a USC man. aI tell you... I love football but being from Chicago, I'm more into the Big Ten. But I do love Trojan football. I really thought UCLA would hang in their for at least 3 quarters...I had a tree trimming party for the game and before we could get the first set of lights around the tree the game was over. Well, the Texas game should be an outstanding one.

Thanks for visiting the blog. Oh, and the BCS is a joke that is why the Pac-10 was robbed of games.


Blogger Dave Miller said ... (10:36 AM) : 

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. Steve, yes we do indeed like to be independant. Ever ask your girl or wife for directions when you are lost? Yeah, I know it is a cliche, but it is also true! But sometimes we just have to give it up.

As for football, yes the BCS is flawed. But apart from a National Champion, it has brought attention and a sense of drama to every week of college football. For me, I loved it last year when there were three undefeated teams. More controversy = more interest.

Here are the picks for the Big 4.

USC over Texas ~ Rose
Notre Dame over Ohio State ~ Fiesta
Georgia over West Virginia ~ Sugar
Penn State over Florida State ~ Orange

And since my son left sunny So Cal to go to Auburn, Alabama...

Auburn over Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl!


Blogger roy said ... (7:43 AM) : 


Thanks for adding my blog to your links. I'll be back to read yours often. I'm amazed at the connections that just happen on the web.

FWIW, my daughter went on a mission to Central America in 2002 that changed her life. Worthy work in every direction.

now to this post... I lived in Pittsburgh when it was a blue collar town and the Steelers ruled the world... I like the guys in the trenches too ;-)



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