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Friday, April 23, 2010

What Are You Listening to?

I came into my office today and the Administrative Assistant had a question for me. She wanted to know why she, as an African American woman, only hears the same 30 or so songs each day from the local Christian radio station. Basically she was asking why the station was only playing the typically popular white Christian music.

Now I know that stations pay lot of bucks for demographic studies and such, but really, are we so isolated that we can't have a little variety in our radio preferences?

For instance, as I write this, I am listening to Grover Washington, Jr. in his prepop funk stage. His songs like Funkfoot, Sausalito, and On the Cusp are just fantastic. But I am pretty sure there are not a lot of 50ish white guys listening to Live at the Bijou these days.

What about you.

What is on your ipod that if someone saw it would be a surprise? What do you listen to that would just drive those demographic studiers nuts?

If you are interested, click here to listen to Sausalito, one of my favorite cuts off this album.

Comments on "What Are You Listening to?"


Blogger CHAIRMAN TAO said ... (9:38 AM) : 

My favorite is Watching You Watching Me from Inside Moves.


Blogger Dave Miller said ... (10:28 AM) : 

It's a classic Chairman. I just put it on for inspiration...

Withers always had a nice smooth voice, like Lou Rawls...


Blogger CHAIRMAN TAO said ... (1:20 PM) : 

Okay, Dave...

You need to listen to Bobby Womack...

My favorite is Harry Hippie...

Or the other one is my absolute favorite...The Chambers Brothers People Get Ready...


Blogger dmarks said ... (8:04 AM) : 

"... only hears the same 30 or so songs each day from the local Christian radio station. Basically she was asking why the station was only playing the typically popular white Christian music."

Most music stations seem to play the same 30 songs anyway. Like someone hooked a 256 meg MP3 player to the transmitter.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said ... (6:42 PM) : 

I have an iPod and an MP3 player.

My iPod has all my favorite classical music, including favorite opera arias. [I learned to love opera as a kid, since my parents were from Italy and we listened every Saturday live from the Met in New York. ] Plus different artists from all over the world--France, Brazil, Mexico, West Africa, etc.

My MP3 player has rock music and oldies. I've got Springsteen, Bono, Simon and Garfunkle, Neil Young, The Talking Heads, etc., Mississippi Delta blues, Zydeco, Jazz, can't remember all the albums.

I have to admit, though, that I do listen to a lot of classical music--my default fallback, but it's fun to hear pop music, especially when I do my speed walking.


Blogger Tim said ... (4:12 PM) : 

A buddy of mine let me down load his 20,000 MP3 collection. It took 6 hours! At the gym today I listened to Dr. Dre & Snoop Doggie Dog, Travis Tritt, Pat Benetar, 70's R&B (Who's that Lady, Lady Marmolide, Hey there lonly girl, Reason that we're here) Night Moves, No sleep till Brooklyn, Brooks & Dunn, and tons of other stuff.


Blogger Dave Miller said ... (9:00 AM) : 

dmarks... I like that, a 256 MP3. Can you get 30 songs on that?

Shaw, Speedwalking, I like it. FOr me I prefer to do my walking in solitude and hear the sounds of the area, but I get it.

Tim, 20,000? Amazing. And all I got from a friend was the Beatles catalog...


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