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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just the Facts... Legendary Joe Friday vs. The Donald

Friday… Thank you for coming in sir.

Trump… you can call me The Donald

Friday… thanks I will… let’s get to it sir, uh The Donald…


FRIDAY: Is President Obama a US Citizen?

TRUMP: You know what?  Everybody is entitled to their opinion. 

FRIDAY: That’s fine, but is he a US Citizen?

TRUMP: No, I don't think so. I think if you look at the birth certificate, take a look and you tell me, really. You analyze the birth certificate. There are many people that don't agree with that birth certificate. They don't think it's authentic.

FRIDAY: Does many people agreeing with you make it a fact?

TRUMP: this isn’t about the facts.  Many people believe the birth certificate to be false.

FRIDAY: Like who?

TRUMP: There are many people...

FRIDAY: Give me a name -- give me a name of somebody...

TRUMP: There are many people...

FRIDAY: Can you name one person?

TRUMP: ...that do not believe...

FRIDAY: How about one name The Donald?  

TRUMP: There are many people -- I don't give names. There are many people that do not believe that birth certificate is authentic.

FRIDAY: The State of Hawai’i has said that his birth certificate is real and authentic… is it, or is it not?

TRUMP: I don’t know.  Do you believe everything the government tells you?

FRIDAY: But upon what are you basing your suspicion?

TRUMP: The facts Mr. Friday.  They may be false facts, but they are facts nonetheless.

FRIDAY: What on earth is a false fact?

TRUMP: It is something I want to be true, that I believe to be true, even when I have no evidence of it being true.

FRIDAY: What about the newspaper announcements from 1961?  

TRUMP: What about them?  Many people put those announcements in because they wanted to get the benefit of being so-called born in this country. Many people did it. It was something that was done by many people, even if they weren't born in the country.

FRIDAY: Do you have any evidence of these many people doing this?

TRUMP: There's been plenty found. You can call many people to check on it.

FRIDAY: But who are these many people?

TRUMP: Like I said… I don't give names.

FRIDAY: How are we to judge the veracity of your claims The Donald?  

TRUMP: If many people believe it, it must be true.

FRIDAY: The State of Hawai’i has said that his birth certificate is real and authentic… the Governor of the State, a Republican, says it is real and authentic.  The newspapers all published announcements back in 1961 about the birth of President Barack Obama.  Will you share with us one fact, just one fact that your team of investigators found last year when they went to Hawai’i?

TRUMP: Mr Friday, all I can tell you is this… many people do not believe he was born in the US.  We have no real evidence of that, it is just a feeling we have.  You know, a gut feeling.  And we trust our gut instincts.  It really doesn’t matter what the evidence is or if the facts say otherwise.

FRIDAY: Thank you The Donald… I sure wish my Lieutenant would accept your standard of belief for facts; we’d sure close a lot more cases around here.  Be he keeps drilling into our heads, just the facts, just the facts… 

[Much of this was taken verbatim from the recent CNN interview with Donald Trump.]

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Comments on "Just the Facts... Legendary Joe Friday vs. The Donald"


Blogger Leslie Parsley said ... (6:23 AM) : 

LOL, good one. Frankly, I hope the Trumpus keeps hanging around. He could be Romney's albatross.

A small fact: people don't place birth notices in the newspapers - hospitals do.


Blogger BB-Idaho said ... (7:16 AM) : 

FRIDAY: Thank you for your thoughts, Mr. Trump. I will be
interviewing one of your fellow conservative persons next...


Blogger Dave Miller said ... (8:21 AM) : 

I am with you Leslie... Everyday Mitt refuses to distance himself from The Donald, he is guilty of the same using longtime conservative logic...

BB, I admire Will and of course he is spot on here... I'd like to see him as baseball commish...


Blogger BB-Idaho said ... (4:48 PM) : 

Mr. Romney mentioned he likes to fire people. Wonder when he will
tell the Trumpster you\'re fired ?


Blogger dmarks said ... (4:15 PM) : 

The birthers are no better or worse than the diehard boobs who think that George W. Bush stole the election/didn't win/etc in 2000.

Sour grapes.


Blogger Dave Miller said ... (1:01 PM) : 

Actually Dmarks, they are worse because they are not arguing that he stole, or lost an election, they are arguing that Barack Obama is not an American and there fore ineligible to be President.

That argument was never made for George Bush.

But if it as silly as you say, why has no one in the leadership ever said it is silly, that Barack Obama, as an American, has every right to be President, and that those that believe otherwise, are entitled to their own opinion, but in fact, are wrong.

Can you tell me why?


Blogger dmarks said ... (9:20 AM) : 

A candidate who fraudulently applied for the Presidential can be considered to have stolen the election also.

But the facts are not on the birther side, just as they are not on the side of the other fringe


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