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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

10 Thoughts, ideas and questions for you to consider

  1. I really miss professional football here in Los Angeles.  With the USC Trojans off until January, we are forced into watching mostly minor league teams like the Chargers and Raiders, both darlings of our local television sportscasters.

  2. Who were those Heisman voters who left Reggie Bush off their ballots?  They must be related to the voters who did not think Willie Mays and Hank Aaron deserved to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

  3. Immigration is a problem not only here in So Cal, but the rest of the country as well.  If you want to fix it, try this.  For any employer who hires a person illegally, their company is subject to a $5,000,000.00 fine.  Additionally, the person who signs the approving I-9 paperwork for this person is personally liable for a fine of $250,000.00.  Maybe this will end the problem.

  4. Colin Powell was right.  It is like the Pottery Barn.  We broke Iraq, and now we own it.  I hope the elections are credible and lacking real violence so maybe we can get out of there soon.

  5. The church seems to have lost its voice in our communities.  We are only preaching to the choir.  There once was a day when the church built hospitals, universities, food banks, and other institutions that helped people in their daily lives.  No more.

  6. I saw “The Chronicles of Narnia” Sunday afternoon.  Take your kids.  But let them just enjoy the story.  If they see a deeper meaning in it, good.  If they see it as just as great story, that’s fine too.  Far too often adults feel the need to attach significance to stuff that kids just want to enjoy.

  7. Is it me or is there a problem when the US Gov’t maintains policies in the Middle East to ensure a steady stream of low cost oil so we can use it to light up our homes for Christmas and then burn more oil to drive around and look at those lights?

  8. If you live in Los Angeles you know what I am asking here.  Why are the freeways still clogged at 11:00am in the morning?  Aren’t all of those people late for work?  And where is everybody going at 10:30 at night?  This isn’t Vegas.

  9. We lost two important people in US history over the weekend.  Former Senator Eugene McCarthy, leader of the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War, and Richard Pryor, legendary comedian who, like Lenny Bruce before, brought a new energy and focus to comedy.  Today’s comedians are forever in his debt.

  10. I went and toured a 1300 square foot condo the other day.  As part of a new 60 unit development, you can buy this choice piece of real estate for $599,000.00.  Plus monthly HOA fees of “only” $149.00 to sweep the walkways and maintain the pool.  It is behind a busy shopping center and across the street from a vacant lot that currently has about 12 tons of trash around it.  They only have 8 units left.

  11. Yeah I know but consider it a bonus.  It’s Christmas time.  Show someone you don’t know a little love this week.  It’ll make the world a better place!

Comments on "10 Thoughts, ideas and questions for you to consider"


Blogger Jaimie said ... (2:17 PM) : 

Hi Dave! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, it was Thousand Pines. That's so funny! Were you a counselor or pastor there?

It's such a small world...


Blogger James Manning said ... (10:11 AM) : 

1. Direct TV is a godsend. I get to watch my beloved and exposed Bears.
2. Agree
3. I’ll ditto that, but read today’s LA Times (12/16/05) and you will see a report where economist state that immigration is a net benefit to the US. Sad.
4. Agree… hope we see some changes soon but I have a feeling the Bushies will declare victory before the ’06 election and leave the place a mess.
5. They are building mega-churches with gift shops though.
6. Agree, great movies
7. Irony is an amazing thing.
8. I avoid the expressways (still using my Midwestern jargon) They need to build a viable subway system. If New York can have one, LA should be able to do it.
9. Yes. RIP to them both.
10. These folks are getting robbed with real estate prices. I won’t purchase a home in Cali. My cousin is complaining that a 4 bedroom house in a great Chicago suburb will cost him $280,000. It’s cost me $450,000 to get into a gang infested neighborhood. I can’t do that.


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