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Sunday, December 03, 2006

BCS Bowl Selections

After a long college football season, we finally have our Bowl Selections. As long as I have followed college football, I have always been captivated by the Bowls. I know others could care less, perhaps even hoping for a playoff, but let’s face it; the upcoming games are what you play for. That said, I offer a little reaction to the selections and my picks for the biggest of the big games.

Rose Bowl ~ 3. Michigan vs. 5. USC ~ Let’s face it, SC is not happy to be here and when that happens, a team usually loses. Remember when Cal was snubbed by the Rose Bowl and went to Holiday Bowl, they got killed. I pick Michigan to beat USC in what should be a classic Rose Bowl, complete with a return to the Big 10/Pac 10 Rivalry.

Fiesta Bowl ~ 8. Boise State vs. 10. Oklahoma ~ I hope Boise State, the first non-BCS participant can hang with Oklahoma, but I doubt it. Oklahoma wins big.

Orange Bowl ~ 6. Louisville vs. 14. Wake Forest ~ Does anyone outside of these areas care about this game? I know I don’t. Louisville should win in the lowest rated BCS Game of the year.

Sugar Bowl ~ 4. LSU vs. 11. Notre Dame ~ Notre Dame better bring the pads for this one. LSU is a classic, punishing SEC team. This will be the best defense the Golden Domers have seen all season and they have already been killed by Michigan and USC. Notre Dame will lose again in embarrassing fashion.

BCS Championship ~ 1. Ohio State vs. 2. Florida ~ Ohio State wins big against an overmatched Florida in this one. Ohio State is simply the best team in college football this year. Sorry Gator fans.

Orange Bowl,

Comments on "BCS Bowl Selections"


Anonymous Gordon Mallon said ... (6:34 AM) : 

Not so fast my friend.
Michigan is more unhappy to be in the Rose Bowl than U$C is. Michigan has a very good argument that they belong in the NC game, not UFla. UM was ranked ahead of UFla until U$C lost. Beating the Arkys should not have been enough to move the gators past the 'rines. Lots of voters just did not want to see a rematch.(A point I agree with. The argument against a play off is that the regular season in college football is already like a play off. If that is the case, you don't lose your last game and expect to get to the NC.) I think it is just your SoCalcentric world view that makes you think U$C is more unhappy.

And another thing. Utah was the first non BCS conference team to play in a BCS game, not Boise State. Utah beat Pitt in the 2005 Fiesta Bowl, 35-7.

And another 'nother thing. I am reading a book called "1491" about the Americas pre Columbus. Among other things it puts forward a very interesting theory about why the native cultures in Southern Mexico are still so active. A combination of the fact that European microbes were slow to spread in the are coupled with the fact that the individual people groups were too small for the Spanish to factionalize and turn against each other. A fascinating book and a must read for those who work with native cultures.


Blogger Dave Miller said ... (10:39 AM) : 

Oh Gordon, there is no doubt USC is more disappointed. Let's face it, Michigan already lost so they were at best a back door option. Lest we forget, Michigan still has something to prove and a chance to get a share of the title. If they kill SC and FLA wins a squeaker, the AP could award them their Title thereby giving us another split title. SC has no chance at that.

I am also guessing that Pete Carroll will be focused on his next job, head coach at Arizona, to get real involved with this game.

I'll look for the book. Sounds interesting...and plausible. Oaxaca looks good for February!!!


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