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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Mission Top Ten

As regular interlopers of "the mission" know, I post a weekly NCAA Top Ten during the college football season. Our thanks to Shadow Sports for their generosity in providing our rankings. For their complete rankings and comments, check "em out over at The Sporting News Blogosphere.

1. USC - There's just so much talent coming back. I don't think they are going to win it all, but they seem like the best team right now.
2. LSU - The same as USC. So much talent and no other outstanding early contenders. They have a better chance in the end than USC.
3. Louisville - I don't know why they aren't ranked higher in the polls I have seen. They are still loaded and the coaching change isn't going to be that big of a deal. Brohm is still there and there are no huge landmines early.
4. Michigan - While they will return to pre-2006 form and lose an early game they shouldn't, the offense is going to be as good as any in the country. Too bad the defense stinks this year.
5. Oklahoma - As long as the quarterback is not a complete idiot, Oklahoma has a shot as an undefeated season. Everything else is loaded.
6. Wisconsin - I really have no idea how accurate this is. The Badgers played nobody last year and won't play and strong teams until October this year.
7. Virginia Tech - They have tons of talent, but there is no telling how the shooting tragedy will affect them. A win over LSU week 2 could launch a national title run.
8. Florida - The Gators are going to have loads of problems. They are only here because it's tough to rank the defending champions too low until they start losing, which could happen as early as the Tennessee game in week 3.
9. UCLA - 20 starters and loads of experience could make UCLA this year's Arkansas, except the preseason polls have picked up on this. An 11-0 start is possible if they get good quarterback play.
10. Tennessee - The Vols are finally going to be Tennessee again after some down time. The road game at Cal to start the year is worrisome, as is the Florida game, but this team feels a lot like the 2003 team that beat Miami on the road and was better than its 10-3 record would indicate.

(you know the local rules. take whatever you want, but give us credit, got it?)

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Comments on "The Mission Top Ten"


Anonymous Gordon Mallon said ... (6:13 PM) : 

Good call on Michigan. how could a team whose "defense stinks" be in the top five?

It will be fun to have Cal and U$C in Eugene this year.


Blogger Dave Miller said ... (12:01 PM) : 

Gordon, it is always easy to bring that up after the fact. It would have been hard to justify not having Michigan in the Top 5 when they had that group of seniors returning from last year.

Of course, now we know. Michigan cannot handle a spread offense. Congrats on the slaughter of 'em and for showing how good West Coast Football can be!


Anonymous Gordon Mallon said ... (8:21 PM) : 

You sort of make my point Dave. The clue is there, "defense stinks."

Yet it is hard to "justify keeping Michigan out of the top 5..." Why? because they are Michigan and get top 5 for putting on those maize and blue helmets. I did say the sucked and the Ducks would blow them out before that game. A BCS team that loses to a 1AA team is just plain bad. Example, Colorado losing to Montana St last year. Lucky for UM they get ND next week.I bet ND scores their first offensive TD of the season though. My prediction is 12-13, w/3 missed PATs. who cares who wins.


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