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Monday, March 16, 2009

It'll Count if it Goes

If you know me, you know I really admire Tony Campolo. the first time I heard him speak, many years ago, his words caught me and have helped shape me into the person I am today.

His son Bart is a similar kind of guy. He is one who believes if people just lived out their faith, this world would be a lot better off.

Bart could command a pretty good salary at a lot of big churches in this country. Instead he chooses to invest his into loving the poor.

With that type of lifestyle comes some success, but usually a lot more failures.

In his post today at God's Politics, Bart talks about how few times that miracle shot at the end of a game actually goes in.

"When I suggest that some people can’t be helped no matter how much you love them, friends of mine say I am limiting God’s power. But when those friends suggest that God can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants to, in the life of whoever He chooses, I wonder if they think God is a monster … or if they are only watching God’s highlights reels, where all His ‘miracle shots’ are collected and replayed over and over again. You know, cancer patients healed, junkies redeemed, families reunited, hurricanes averted, crippled planes landed safely."

Read the whole article and let me know what you think.

Comments on "It'll Count if it Goes"


Blogger timmer said ... (8:28 PM) : 

I like the analogy.

And as a crazy TULIP Calvinist, I found the previous paragraph enlessly interesting...especially these lines:

"We are the problem, however, not God’s will. No matter how broken we are, God always does His best. God always takes His shot."

That got me thinking thoughts that will not help me fall asleep tonight.


Blogger Dave Miller said ... (11:10 AM) : 

Bart can be as challenging as his father at times.

I hope you were able to get some sleep Timmer.


Blogger James Wolfer said ... (2:16 PM) : 

He always does seem to get what he wants done no matter how screwed up we make things.


Blogger Dave Miller said ... (5:05 PM) : 

Nice point James.


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