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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

President Obama Drones On... profiling his way to a lower civilian body count in the Middle East...

President Barack Obama, channeling all the insipidness of the Bush Administration foreign policy, has himself adopted a policy of engagement, that when done by domestic law-enforcement agencies, is tantamount to profiling.

Now this might not be such a big deal if the Obama Administration was not in the middle of chastising the State of Arizona for what they believe is a policy that will lead to racial profiling.

Here's the background...

As many are aware, the US is increasingly relying on drone strikes to kill terrorists in the Middle East.  The problem is that, like any bombing plan, sometimes things do not always go as planned.

That has led to numerous civilian deaths as those drones kill everyone in sight, even when they hit their exact target.

Except the Obama Administration has decided that those civilian deaths are not really civilian deaths when the dead are men of military age.

President Obama has decided that any military age men killed when we are bombing known terrorists are also to be classified as terrorists and not innocent civilians.  And here is his logic.  You are known by the company you keep.

You read that right.  Here, from an article by Chris Woods, is what has been discovered about the Obama Administration's views on enemy combatants.

President Obama and his administration have adopted a policy that calls people terrorists simply because they were in contact with, or in the same general vicinity of a known terrorist, even though there may be no evidence whatsoever to make that charge.

I call that profiling.  As have Democratic lawmakers for years, who now are choosing for some reason to quietly ignore the reality of the situation.

I am not sure what the President and his team of advisers call it, but it does seem to be keeping the civilian death numbers down, which was the objective.

I cannot imagine a more cynical way of changing the metrics of a discussion then this.

President Obama, whose campaign pushed back vehemently against the charge that he was complicit with the ideas of known domestic terrorist Bill Ayers clearly is holding men of the Middle East to a different standard.

President Obama, clearly would fight back against police forces around the country if they tried to use the very same strategy in communities where they risk their lives on a daily basis.

Eric Holder. Attorney General of the United States argued that the Arizona statute, SB 1070, which calls for checking the immigration status of people suspected of committing other crimes, would lead to profiling.

Making matters worse, the only way a family can clear the name of a dead relative, who just may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, is by posthumously presenting contrary evidence.

I bet that will make people feel better.

At least in Arizona, if someone is profiled and mistakenly arrested, they can present their evidence personally and not have to rely on a posthumous finding.

President Obama, you should be ashamed, and so should the rest of Congress for working to avoid accountability for a growing number of civilian deaths worldwide as a result of our actions in this so called war on terrorism.

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Comments on "President Obama Drones On... profiling his way to a lower civilian body count in the Middle East..."


Blogger Brian and Joy said ... (6:21 AM) : 

The man came of political age in Chicago. We should have known better.


Blogger dmarks said ... (8:30 AM) : 

The blame ultimately lies on the terrorists for operating in and hiding in civilian areas. Not that they have any legitimate reason to operate anywhere in the first place.


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