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Friday, December 08, 2006

The Mission Top Ten, Final Edition

Here it is. Our final Top Ten of the 2006/2007 College Football Season. As I have told you before, my son Joseph provides us with our rankings, through his sports blog, Shadow Sports. As a credentialed college football journalist, he is a former member of the Football Writers of America and has in fact voted in the past few years for some of the biggest college football awards, including the Bronko Nagurski Trophy and The Outland Trophy, provided to the top defensive college football players in America. As a proud parent, if you remember the moment after LSU defeated Oklahoma in the 2004 Sugar Bowl for the BCS Championship, ABC announcer Lynn Swann was trying to get LSU quarterback for a postgame interview, but it never happened. The reason was because my son was already interviewing him. A pretty good scoop for a "young kid."

Anyways, this next Friday, December 15th, I will in Auburn, Alabama to watch him graduate from college. Joseph, I am incredibly proud of you, love you, and pray that God's blessing will be upon you in whatever you choose to do now that you are graduating.
  1. Ohio St. (12-0) – The coronation of Troy Smith is Saturday night when he wins the Heisman Trophy. Hopefully he does better than many recent Heisman winners (all the non-USC guys) in his bowl game. Also, the Buckeyes need to win or they will look very overrated considering the weakness of the Big Ten this season. Bowl Game: National Championship Game vs. Florida.
  2. Michigan (11-1) – While I believe Florida should get a chance at Ohio St. in the title game, Michigan is the better team. Michigan had its chance though, and they couldn’t do it. The game against USC in the Rose Bowl will determine next season’s preseason number 1 in the major polls. Bowl Game: Rose Bowl vs. USC.
  3. Florida (12-1) - Beat Arkansas 38-28 – The Gators somehow managed to look bad in a game in which they scored 38 points, the most of the season against an opponent with a pulse (Central Florida and Western Carolina don’t count). Their penchant for taking penalties is insane and it may cost them against Ohio St. Bowl Game: National Championship Game vs. Ohio St.
  4. Louisville (11-1) - Beat Connecticut 48-17 – Louisville has its second 11 win season in three years, and in both years, the loss should have been a win. In 2004, the Cardinals dropped a sure game-sealing interception at Miami and Rutgers got a mulligan on the game-winning field goal because of an offside penalty in this season’s loss. Bowl Game: Orange Bowl vs. Wake Forest.
  5. LSU (10-2) – Some Tiger fans are upset that USC lost and kept them out of the Rose Bowl, but Sugar Bowl officials are certainly happy. LSU-Notre Dame is a cash cow of a game, and it eliminates the potential lack of hotels problem that still exists in post Katrina New Orleans. Bowl Game: Sugar Bowl vs. Notre Dame.
  6. USC (10-2) – While the USC season was ruined by UCLA, USC still achieved its primary goal: get to the Rose Bowl. Also, the winning streak was due to end at some point, even if the Trojans had more talent. Bowl Game: Rose Bowl vs. Michigan.
  7. Wisconsin (11-1) – This team has beaten nobody, and they could be very overrated. A team ranked here should beat Arkansas, but, having not seen a major test all season except the loss, who knows how this team will react under pressure. Bowl Game: Citrus Bowl (I refuse to call it the Capital One Bowl) vs. Arkansas.
  8. Oklahoma (10-2) - Beat Nebraska 21-7 – Oklahoma fans want to say they would have been in the national title race had the Oregon call gone correctly, but it’s just not true. The computers that hated the Big 12 all season would have made sure of that. Also, the voters wouldn’t have forgotten that Texas beat this team by 18 points. Bowl Game: Fiesta Bowl vs. Boise St.
  9. Boise St. (12-0) – Boise finally gets another chance on the big stage. The last time an opportunity like this came up for them, they were destroyed at Georgia to open the 2005 season. Even if they lose, the Fiesta Bowl will not end like that game did. Bowl Game: Fiesta Bowl vs. Oklahoma.
  10. Arkansas (10-3) - Lost to Florida 38-28 – The Razorbacks threw everything but the kitchen sink at Florida, literally, but it wasn’t enough because of some mind-numbing mental errors like a dropped punt at the three yard line, and Darren McFadden’s interception on a ball that never should have been thrown. Bowl Game: Citrus Bowl vs. Wisconsin.
On the cusp: Tennessee (9-3), Auburn (10-2), West Virginia (10-2), Rutgers (10-2), and Notre Dame (10-2).

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