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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mission Potpourri

Just a little potpourri today for you all to enjoy.

First up is one of one of my favorite daily comics from the newspaper. For you cyber connected kids under 20, a newspaper is the place us old folks go to learn what is going on the world. It's a pretty cool thing, they print news using ink on paper, which is made from trees. Anyways, Lalo Alcarez is just a funny guy to me. Talvez because he is from Mexico and seems to live in a sort of bi-lingual/bi-cultural world like I do. Enjoy.

It was four years ago today since our President Bush went on television around the world from the deck of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and announced that major combat in Iraq was over and that we had prevailed. I guess he was just mistaken.

Well here it is the first of May and my beloved Angels are in first place. This was their best April in history. Now if past experience is indeed the best barometer of future performance, (as Dr. Phil always says it is!) we can look forward to a monumental crash very soon. But at least April was fun! This program cover is from 1971, years before Anaheim, California somehow became Los Angeles. The team was so cheesey they put crayon drawings on their programs because they knew they were going nowhere. The team finished 10 games under .500 and their best player was second baseman Sandy Alomar.

Finally my thoughts on George Tenet.

George, you blew it. First off, you waited too long to tell your story. If you had any reservations about going to war, you owed it to us, the American people, your real bosses, to come forward when it would have made a difference. Before the war! Not four years later. Second, you allowed factual errors to be printed in your book. I understand what you are saying in that perhaps you got the dates wrong, but the substance is still true, but, it doesn't matter! You were a spy for cryin' out loud. Details do matter. In the field those details can be the difference between life and death. And it is always the details that trip people up. Did you not know that what you were writing might inflame the conservatives and that they would be looking for inconsistencies? If this book is any indication of the level of spycraft we have in the CIA, no wonder we were wrong on Iraq!

(all of the thoughts here are mine and mine alone. feel free to share them, steal them, or use them however you want. just be honest and give me credit.)

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