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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pizza Pizza

Last week, Texas based Pizza Patrón announced that they would begin accepting Mexican Pesos as payment in their stores. It did not take long for the firestorm to begin. Soon we began hearing from assorted critics saying that it was Un-American for Pizza Patrón to accept pesos.

In their logic, since the business is in the United States, the only type of currency acceptable is gold old American green backs! I thought there were more important things to worry about in this country. Things like the war in Iraq, a rapidly shrinking middle class, soaring health care costs, and lack of quality educational options for our children. But apparently not. According to CBS News, CNN, USA Today, and others, the company began receiving death threats soon after the announcement was made, even though other All-American companies like Wal-Mart have been accepting pesos for years in some of their stores.
What difference does it make if a company decides to do business in pesos, yen, dollars, or even Canadian Looneys? If Pizza Patrón is able to make a profit, and their stockholders are happy with the return, isn’t that their choice? Nobody is making anyone who doesn’t want to shop there are they?

It seems to me that folks are a little upset that a small upstart pizza company has found a way to build a better mouse trap and make more money. Isn’t this what capitalism is all about?

Now before you get all worked into a lather and start sending me your e mails saying this is America, I know that. I also know that when I went to Canada, I was able to use US Dollars to buy things. I also know that every single gas station in Mexico takes US Dollars. As do many of the businesses in the tourist areas. Those simple facts do not change the facts that Canada is still Canada, and Mexico is still Mexico, regardless of the currency they accept in their businesses.

So get over it. We are no less America then we were last year just because Pizza Patrón is accepting pesos. Besides, based on their recent sales figures, you might want to take a look at adding a few shares of their stock to your 401(K).

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