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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Mission Top Five

Here you go folks. I told you last week that I didn't think Wisconsin belonged in the Top Five and lo and behold, Shadow Sports dropped them a little. Gordon, Oregon is getting close in the complete poll, [Number 10] but they are still not Top Five material.

Actually, here is where I am at in all of this. The top four teams in the country are USC, LSU, Oklahoma, and Florida. No question about it. They could all lose a game and in my opinion, they'd still be the best 4 teams in the country. So that leaves one place for the rest of the college football fraternity to fight over and this weeks winner seems to be...Penn State. With the worst helmets in football.

Finally, I told you either Michigan or Notre Dame would win last week. The question now becomes whether or not Our Mother of South Bend can even score a touchdown on offense.

Rankings (W-L, Last Week in Parenthesis)

1. USC (2-0, 1) – USC looked impressive enough in a tough road game to keep the top ranking. Things get a little easier this week (Washington St. at home). For anyone on the west coast, avoid the ABC Saturday night slaughter and watch the SEC showdown on ESPN.
2. LSU (3-0, 2) – We now know the difference between LSU and Louisville: defense. LSU shutout Middle Tennessee St. while the offense rolled. Louisville gave up 42 points while the offense rolled.
3. Oklahoma (3-0, 3) – Oklahoma has been flat out dominant so far, but against sub par competition (the Miami defense might be good, but when the offense can’t get a first down, you get tired fast). This week could be a spot of minor trouble (ask BYU about Tulsa).
4. Florida (3-0, 6) – After destroying Tennessee, it is valid to ask the question: Is Tennessee being overvalued since the defense has looked awful, or another question: Is Florida-Cal going to be the title game?
5. Penn St. (3-0, 7) – Penn St. slept through last week’s game against Buffalo. They won’t be able to do that this week with a revitalized Michigan on deck.
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Comments on "The Mission Top Five"


Anonymous Gordon Mallon said ... (7:56 AM) : 

So, your #5 team lost to a team that the Ducks beat 39-7.

What you are saying is that when an undefeated Oregon team beats U$C, U$C will still be better. Gotta love you Socal guys. Even when you move to Vegas.


Blogger Dave Miller said ... (9:19 AM) : 

We'll see how you do in a couple of weeks in your Game Day madness. The rankings don't come from So Cal. Shadow Sports is really an Auburn guy, so check out his site to get his justification. I just share the info.

I am sure if you continue to win, you'll be in the big game, but let's be honest, no one outside of oregon thinks that's going to happen.

See you in a couple of weeks Gordon!


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