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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Game On... Election 2008

I am leaving for a few days of vacation tomorrow but wanted to get a few thoughts about the GOP convention out before I left.

First of all, for his party, John McCain made a wonderful political choice in Sarah Palin. She has energized the evangelical base of the GOP in a way many thought was impossible just a few short weeks ago.

The Christian Right loves this woman and sees her as one of their own. That means they can be counted on to work hard, volunteer, give money, and generally do whatever is needed to put this team in the White House. At least, that is the plan.

Whether Sarah Palin is qualified is another whole other issue. That is a judgment America will make. I just wish we could get a little honesty from the GOP on this. Maybe I am just cynical, but let's roll the tape and you be the judge.

McCain and his party spent a lot of time the last few nights talking about change and country first. And the people in the arena in St. Paul were estatic. So let me ask a few questions.
  • Given that President Bush is a Republican and has served for eight years, what kind of change are you calling for? Are you saying his policies did not work and he has had a failed administration?
  • McCain touts his support for the surge which has succeeded beyond all imagination. Does this mean that decisions made during and before the war to do this with a "light footprint" were well meaning, but none the less failures?
  • Is there anything about the current administration's economic policy that you would change? If so what are they and how specifically would those changes benefit America?
I started this election cycle as a supporter of John McCain. He has been a man I have respected and I have always appreciated his calls for bi-partisanship, which frankly, many in his party, as with Dems, ridicule as surrender.

But I think that John McCain's time has passed. What I saw in the convention hall was a group of people who, when confronted with a bi-partisan option to really change America through the candidacy of Joe Lieberman, balked.

You see, McCain, who is running on a theme of Country First, had made his choice. America in his view must get past partisan politics. America in his view is better when Democrats and Republicans work together for the good of all of us. Inherent in that is an understanding that we will not always get what we want personally, but collectively, as a country, we will be better. His choice for Vice President was current Independant and former Democrat, Joe Lieberman.

But the party let him know that they would not accept his choice. They said they would not work or help get him elected if he chose someone from outside the party. And so McCain capitulated. He chose someone the base supported, even though in his heart, he felt Joe Lieberman would be best for America. Country First. John McCain was about that in 2000 when he ran, and I supported him.

It was said at the convention that McCain believed in Country First, party second. Really?

Finally, I alluded to some much needed vacation this week. Here is where I'll be. Beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Comments on "Game On... Election 2008"


Blogger Mike's America said ... (8:55 AM) : 

You're going on vacation? You take more trips than the average American as it is. There ought to be a law! Well, maybe Obama will get one passed.

As for your concern about experience it is a valid point. What experience does Obama have?

The more I look into this "community organizer" business the more questions it raises:


I'd rather have a first term governor, former mayor and member of the PTA as Vice President than a President who worked for one of the most notorious and fraudulent "community organizing"
groups in the country.


Blogger Bullfrog said ... (1:13 PM) : 

Dave: valid questions to ask about McCain's strategy and message. Because of the polls, he needed to both distance himself from Bush AND satisfy his base. That ushered in the "Change" message being co-opted and making Sarah Palin his VP. I relate to his message of, not party, but country, first. But I think it is fair to ask what exactly that means, and as conservatives are apparently willing to cast their votes for that message, does this mean they are willing to sacrifice their party loyalty for the same bi-partisanship they criticized McCain for? It's all a little confusing...

It has come to my attention that some on the Right are still not 100% pleased with McCain, but are hopeful that getting Palin in office now will position her, a "true conservative" for 2012. To date I have seen Sarah compared to Reagan, Roosevelt, and even Kennedy; so needless to say, enthusiasm is high! Most comparisons being made between the 2 parties are between Obama and Palin, even though they are not running for the same office. The "fear" of McCain's "imminent death" while in office is as irrational as it sounds.

None of this really bodes well for McCain, as he has effectively been moved to the bottom of his own ticket, yard signs not withstanding.


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